05 June 2015

OMG I'm glad that week's over

I'm really glad I don't travel for work a lot, i'm still not over it, ended up falling in a heap yesterday, with a sinus/migraine head ache.  I'm still pretty groggy as I needed some tablets to stop nausea and that makes me even more tired.  The other thing is that work doesn't get put on hold when you are interstate either, and there were a couple of disasters waiting for me on Wednesday to try and fix.  Today I managed to start getting a little ahead but I am still way behind where I need to be.

I'm so so glad its the weekend, and it is a long weekend and there is no tennis tomorrow morning and there is a chance I can sleep in.

At least I managed a bit of stitching while i was not sleeping and I'm hoping to prepare the rest of the templates to stitch tonight and if I feel up to it I will do some more stitching.  The first block is coming together beautifully.  I had the fabric all spread out over my hotel bed and trying to pick which piece of fabric would be good for each flower.   I use freezer paper on top of the fabric so it is a bit of a surprise when its all stitched and the finished flower is revealed.

I've tried other methods of needle turn but I get a better finish by using the freezer paper to mark the edge and turn the seam allowance under... it works for me and I'm sticking to it.

This afternoon I've ordered a scanner so that I can can the finished templates for the blocks.  The drafting was all done in EQ7 but it doesn't allow you to save the documents as PDF, they need to be scanned in and then edited because EQ's finished placement image usually needs a lot of tweaking to get it usable and I have to edit the labelling on the templates themselves.

I have purchased an Epson Perfection V39 which has a few features that I think will be useful for my pattern making, one is that you can remove the lid if you want to scan and book or journal (thinking mixed media here). The other is that it will scan larger pieces of paper than a4 and software will seamlessly join the image, which I'm hoping down the track will make it easier for me to make bigger patterns if I want to sell them in bricks and mortar shops.  It also has great colour fixing software for old photo's which I have a heap of and will probably come in handy at some point.  It also can be powered by the USB plugged into the computer no need for another power cord which is really handy as I don't have a spare power cord next to any of the computers.

The Skill Builder Class starts next week which I am looking forward to so I will be looking through and changing some of my notes to make them perfect.

I'll leave you with a picture of the night sky from my Hotel Room, apart from that I didn't really see much of Brissie at all just the view from the taxi's mostly in the dark, the office then the hotel.  


Kate said...

Sounds like you had a brutal week. I hate traveling for business, it seems like you work harder on the road then when you are in the office. Hope you've had a chance to get back to stitching a few things.

Shay said...

I think travelling for work really is quite stressful , because you still have to do your job and function like a normal person but everything else is different. ( is it just me- but having your stuff laying round a hotel room always means my morning routine is out because nothing is where Im used to where it should be?)

Hope you had a relaxing weekend and got in some much needed down time!