29 May 2015

Quilt off to a new home

I rarely give quilts away as gifts, I usually just make them to satisfy a creative urge and not for a specific purpose.  I also need to know that they would be appreciated so I think long and hard before I make for a non quilter, but a took a leap this time and made one for someone I don't know.  It was for my Boss' daughter as she just had a baby.

I do have strong feelings about quilts for kid, they are more than just a bed covering.  My daughter still uses her baby quilt, it has been something to snuggle under in front of the TV, hidden under with the dog, made tents and forts with the dinning room table.  It has been well loved and well worn over the years, some of the stitching hasn't survived the tug of war with the dog, but that doesn't matter because it has been appreciated and most of all used.  So it isn't any wonder that most of the quilts I have given away are for babies.

It went with a message, not to use it on the bed until the baby is 12 months old but it can be used for floor time and all the things I mentioned above and with care instructions and it was well received.  The photo isn't all that great, the sun was coming down over the fence hence the flare.

I'm heading to a warmer climate on Sunday for work for a couple of days and plan to pack my sewing gear in the check in luggage so I can sew at night in the hotel.  Hoping to finish block one of the new BOM.  If I make any progress I'll post pictures on Instagram and the Facebook page.
I have a couple of quilting books for the  plane trip that I plan to read cover to cover.  I saw the forecast for Brisbane on Sunday and it is going to be 27 so I am looking forward to being warm for a couple of days.


Kate said...

Very pretty baby quilt. I like the pink and gray. I've only given quilts away to family. Though I've done a couple for auction at the school fundraiser. Enjoy your trip to warmer climes. Hopefully we are going to get dryer weather by the end of the weekend.

Shay said...

It's lovely Amanda. I really like the grey and pink combo too. I tend to give most of my quilts away to other people, and usually have a recipient in mind when I'm making them.

Enjoy the sunshine.