18 May 2015

Sewing Days are the Best

The girls and I had another sewing day yesterday.  Last week started off a bit shitty so a day of just stitch'n and bitch'n was well needed.  We all had a bit to unload so the bitching was shared around always much better when everyone shares their gripes.

There was one quilt top finished, another half put together, I managed one block of my metro rings quilt and started the first block of my next free BOM.

I've finished designing all the appliqué blocks, I just have to work in the fill ins.  The stumbling block is my knowledge of working custom quilts in EQ.  I'm getting there but there are still a few blanks that need to be worked on and I have to decide on the final dimentions of the quilt which will be determined by the fill ins.

It was a good mail day today a book delivery.  The first book is by Becky Goldsmith, The Quilter's Practical Guide to Colour.  I have a lot of Piece O' Cake books because I love appliqué.  I haven't tried their technique for appliqué as it always seems like hard work to me, but I have always admired their use of colour and I think this will be a real great reference book.  I think we all have to develop our own colour style  but knowing the colour theory is a good thing... doesn't mean you can't break the rules once you know them.

The next book is The Modern Medallion Workbook.  My first thoughts were that there weren't many pictures and it was a bit wordy, but on a second flick through I have noticed that there are lots of diagrams to go with the words, and I probably just got distracted because the first book had so much eye candy.  There are some beautiful quilts presented so I will be heading back when I have a minute and have a proper read through.

I've been on the search for a replacement leather thimble that I like to wear on the hand that is underneath when I quilt.  My current model has come apart and the metal end is flapping in the breeze.  I tried my local quilt shop and where I teach and searched the resent Craft Fair with no luck.  Talking over the girls they suggested trying the internet, which I hadn't got to yet and I found the type I was after at Ozquilts.

There is lots of rain tonight a good night to sit and sew I think, or start tracing templates, anyway it is a good night to be inside in the warm.  Catch you next time.


Shay said...

The weather here last night was scary wild. I hope it's not a taster of what we can expect for winter.

Love your new books - just the thing to get inspired .

Kate said...

I just got a copy of the Quilter's Practical Guide to Color. I thumbed through it, but haven't had a chance to really get into it. Let me know how you like The Modern Medallion Workbook, I was eyeing that one too.