03 May 2015

Free BOM a couple of questions

I'm designing a new BOM. Quite a number of people joined in my last free BOM and it was fun to see the difference takes on the Blocks on Instagram and Blogs from around the world.  However my true love is needle turn appliqué, therefore I would like to include appliqué in my next BOM which may end up making the finished quilt go longer than the 6 months that the last one did.  Do you think this is a problem?

At the moment my thinking is that for the Appliqué Blocks I will provide both needle turn templates and mirror images which can be used for machine appliqué using fusible webbing as I know not everyone is wants to do needle turn.

There will be pieced and appliqué blocks.  The pieced blocks will be relatively simple and on the small side.  

Here is the design so far it will be subject to change as I will probably keep tweaking right up to the stitching stage and putting it together is usually a whole different thing when you are working with actual fabric.  As you can see it is a long way from finished and colours are just an indication.  I plan on using some of my script stash as backgrounds but in order to calculate how much you will need it is easier to keep all the background the same.

Let me know what you think.  I'm looking forward to starting on the stitching but I do have a couple of other projects to finish before I get to that stage and lots and lots more tweaking.


Robin said...

I have really enjoyed working on the Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler and look forward to more BOM goodness! :)

I love doing applique-- so a project incorporating some would definitely be up my alley! I agree that providing options for both traditional and machine applique would definitely make the project more approachable.

Shay said...

Looks like a great new project with plenty of scope for individuality in the fabric choices .

Applique seems to be the technique of the moment so I think you're definitely on trend.

Kate said...

The preliminary blocks look gorgeous. Chocolate Marshmallows was lots of fun (I still need to finish that one up). I probably won't play along with this one, applique and I don't work and play well together at this point.