20 December 2010

Glad to have my feet firmly on the ground

I have finished my whirlwind tour of Melbourne.  Every year I get flown to Melbourne for Xmas lunch, hard life I know but someone has to do it.  Each year my stop over gets better.  The first year I had to leave on the 6pm flight (the day of the lunch) and that was when everyone was just getting happy and relaxed and the plane flight was not good after having a few drinks at lunch.  Last year we got a 9am flight the next morning, lets just say not good after a long afternoon/night of christmas cheer.  This year  my flight was in the afternoon so I got to do some morning shopping and walk around Melbourne... well a couple of blocks of Melbourne.   

You come to realise how small Adelaide is when you go to Melbourne, because lets face it, Adelaide has one main street and your can see the sky in Adelaide Streets, all the buildings are big in Melbourne and the traffic is OMG don't think I will be taking my car to Melbourne any time soon. 

Now I am sure I would be braver if I wasn't on my own but I decided to walk to Southern Cross Station to purchase a Skybus ticket.  Had  my trustee NOT iphone which got me lost ... where was Lee (GPS) telling me I was going the wrong way....  What was supposed to take 15min walk took 45 but I did get my ticket to the airport and by the time I returned to Bourke Street some of the shops were open.  Turns out I could have just jumped on a tram out the front of the hotel but I couldn't find how much the tram costs and the website was no help to find out where to get a ticket for a short trip.  On my many miles of walking I found a human inhabited info booth and was able to ask more questions.  

Found a cute little Arcade off Bourke Street where I managed to find something for my MIL for Christmas and the cutest Lolly shop SUGA for the best hand made lollies.  And the Babuska shop above I took this photo for Mrs P.  

Those who know me know that I get very motion sick at times, the reason I drive everywhere and my husband sits in the passenger seat.  Usually I have these wrist bands that seem to work pretty good to stop it but I completely forgot this year.  So I was pretty green when I got of the flight in Melbourne and worse when I finally got home again in Adelaide. I don't think I will be forgetting them again next year.

It is official now and we have a bit of a blurb on the Grange Twilight Market site so go and check it out. We hope to see a few blogging friends down by the sea.  And if you are on Facebook we have a Page that you might like to LIKE


Rustic Tarts said...

You lucky duck!
I recognise the Babushka shop - we head to that arcade (Royal?) whenever we get to Melbourne but the main attraction is Koko Black, the chocolate shop opposite the Babushka's and down a bit. Did you happen to give it a visit too ?

Shay said...

Babushkas! A whole shop? I would have been in heaven!

Sounds like despite the getting lost mishap, your trip was a lot of fun!

I love Melbourne for holidays.