26 December 2010


Christmas Day was spent at our place this year.  It was fairly warm so the kids were able to have a dip in the pool in the afternoon.  It also means we have leftovers and I will be looking at my copy of Delicious Christmas for interesting things to do with the Ham, Turkey and all the rest of the bits of pieces I have in the fridge to make do over the next couple of days.   I couldn't resist the  Recipe App for my iphone either.

I also have leftovers in the sewing room, half made items for the stall that were left, mainly because I had to change thread colours or had had enough of doing the same thing over and over so I have just left them so this weekend I am going to finish all the half finished items and put them in the done and dusted pile.


Shay said...

Sounds like a terrific day Amanda.

I only have ham since we went to my sisters. Im betting by tomorrow I'll be all ham-med out.

I started something new today! Yay!I have enthusiasm for a project again!

Enjoy your sewing time.

Jill said...

If you need more turkey or ham let me know! I over-catered of course and we are all sick of eating it!