18 October 2013

International Youth Silent Film Festival

First week back at school and we have been very busy.  We haven't had one night without something on.  I am hoping that next week might slow down a bit.

On Monday night we went to the screening of Maestro's film in the Silent Film Festival.  From the look of the program, his school was the only primary school that participated all the rest of the schools were high schools.  A number of Maestro's schools  films were selected as finalist to be screened.  There were screenings on Monday and Tuesday night, and 3 films from each night were selected to be in the running for the 3 major prizes.

Maestro's film was selected as one of the 3 from Monday night's screening so we had another night out at the flicks on Wednesday night.

In the tradition of Silent Movies the Theatre organ was played while the films were playing.  Wednesday night entertainment included a couple of Silent Film Classics as well as the screening of the 6 finalist films.  Maestro's film didn't get into the money but it was very exciting for it to be selected in the top 6 and has spurred him on to maybe enter again next year.


Leanne said...

Well done to the boy.

Kate said...

Congratulations to Maestro! That's very cool.