26 February 2014

Another Month Bites the Dust

I can't believe it is the end of February tomorrow.  Of course February is my favourite month as it is my birthday month so I am sad to see it go.

My birthday present to me arrived, which I have been super excited about.  It is a set of Prismacolor Pencils picked out by Jane Davenport as well as some skin toned acrylics that she likes to use.  I also purchased a couple of other bits and pieces so that I could get free postage.  The list was way bigger but as our Pool Pump blew a gasket a couple of weeks ago I toned it down a bit.  I'll head back later for Part 2 of the birthday present.

I've been a bit slow on the Life Book Projects, but I have downloaded all the video's and they are on my iPad.  I'm hoping to have some quality time tomorrow with my art supplies so I might get a couple of more projects done... fingers crossed.  Here is the my next finished page and the lesson was by Marieke Blokland.

Month 7 of Wendy Williams BOM came on the same day as my birthday present which means that I am only 6 months behind on that particular project but I am slowly putting the first month pieces together... with any luck month 1 will be finished by the time I get Month 10.

Lots of half hexagons have been cut ready for a sewing marathon some time in the near future might have to arrange a sewing day with the girls for that one..... I just have to cut a heap of triangles to go with them.


Leanne said...

Nice Bday pressie. I love your painting. You are very clever.

Shay said...

I think its essential to buy oneself a birthday gift . You picked well..dont forget to go back –pool pump or no pool pump. We need to buy things we love.

The latest life book creation looks wonderful!

I cant believe Summer is almost done and March is banging on the door...

Kate said...

Where did February go? Love your book creation, it's fun. Hope you can find some time to play with your birthday present.