17 February 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

There was a tiny bit of sewing last week, a tiny bit of painting and some shopping.  Wednesday saw me turn a year older. We went out to tea but it was a pretty quiet affair as Maestro came back from a 3 day camp that day, (spent in 40 + degrees in tents), and Squid was out of sorts.  Turns out Squid was coming down with something and awoke the next day with no voice and a high fever... 2 days home.  The joys of parenthood.

The week also saw my walking efforts go down the drain.  Half way through Monday's walk my hip decided to give out on me.  Was told on Tuesday to strictly do nothing... by Thursday I'd had enough of that as I had a list a mile long for my one day off and managed 2 short walks on the weekend.  I went from only missing 4 days in 2 months to missing 4 days in a week.  Serves me right for congratulating myself for averaging 65km a week for the last month.  Fingers crossed I will be back to 6k walks by the weekend.

I got out my Hex n More ruler and started on my large stash of 2 1/2" strips.  Don't really know if the pattern will work but will give it a go in the coming weeks.  Kind of planning on doing diamonds of each colour at the moment.

There was also a visit to Hetties to see on the weekend to see another Birthday Girl and fondle some  of Kathy Doughty's new fabric.  Of course some had to come home with me also think I might need some more to make a skirt in the future.

Still haven't got a routine sorted for High school/Primary school life kinda hoping it will all come together this week as there is no camps/excursions to worry about only what the hell to put in Maestro's lunch box because he has stopped eating the savoury and now sweet muffins I have been making.... oh why won't that kid just eat bread and make life easy.  


Shay said...

Time for some lunch wraps and crackers?

Sounds like juggling the two young members of the family is presenting a few challenges at the moment...it'll all come together I promise!

Leanne said...

I hope the hip is soon on the mend. I hate missing my walks. It is always hard juggling the kids I'd like to say it gets easier but I'm not sure it does. Good to see you have been doing some sewing.

Kate said...

Ooh, pretty new pattern and lovely fabrics.

Hope the hip is doing better and that Squid has fully recovered.

I have the lunch box struggle too, mainly because DT won't eat sandwiches.

Cardygirl said...

Happy belated birthday....love Kathy.'s new fabric.