22 January 2015

Nose to the Grindstone

Are the holidays over yet.... not that I am really counting the days... who am I kidding of course I am counting the days.  When the hell are they going back to school and DH going back to work.  I want some routine and my Thursday back to myself so I can do the stuff I want to do...need to do.   It 4 pm 6.30pm and I have just got back to my magazine project (we went out for an early tea), I have hours and hours of work to do on it and its just not happening.  I'm going to have to just shut myself away over the long weekend and get to it.  

Today Squid needed to use her gift cards that she got for her birthday so a morning at the shops was actually morning and most of the afternoon.  At least we also managed to get her some shoes for school that she was happy with.

Shoe shopping with Squid is a nightmare of epic proportions.  She hates it when they do up the shoes for her because they do it too tight and she really hates being bothered by sales assistants she likes to just decide by herself.  Of course I had a voucher for Athletes Foot and they are always all over you like a rash.  I think we've only managed to buy one pair of shoes for her there and today wasn't it.  Luckily on the way out of the shopping centre we looked in the Nike  shop and they had her size on display so she was able to try it on before the shop assistant came over to "help us" and she was able to decide with little interference from the assistant that the shoes were perfect.

I think the pebble quilting for the magazine project is just perfect for the overall design, you will understand when the project is revealed.

How are your Chocolate Marshmallow Samplers going? if you Instagram your block use the hashtag #ChocolateMarshmallowSampler so we can all see them.

This week I signed up for the I Quilt Sugar 8 week Detox.  I have managed to cut out a lot of the sugar in my diet over the last 6 months but I need to be more organised and add more vegetables to my diet.  I have the first week menu plan and it's all pretty doable I have most of the ingredients already in the pantry just have to add more of the green stuff (though apparently you need to eat 4 avocardos... yuck might struggle with that).    Catch you next week with fingers crossed lots of progress.


Leanne said...

Ohhhh I LOVE avos

Shay said...

You’re in good company. Every parent I know is counting down to school start next week.

My sampler blocks kind of stalled but Im hoping to get to them this weekend and catch up . Stay tuned for the results.

I’ll come over and eat your avocados . I started eating them 10 years ago and love them !

Kate said...

Hope you've been able to manage a bit of a catch up on your project. I'm with Shay, a bit behind, but hoping to make some headway this weekend.