23 December 2015

Last Day of Work for the Year

Headed to Melbourne for the work Xmas Show last week.  I was hoping the escape the heat but Melbourne had similar temps to Adelaide.  This year we had drinks on the rooftop after our lunch at a Peruvian Restaurant.  The temperature dropped as the afternoon wore on and it was quite pleasant 22 floors up with a lovely breeze and the view of the Yarra.

I stayed a couple of doors up from our Building so there wasn't far to head back to my room for the evening which was a good thing because I was pretty merry by the end of the night.  The stayers headed out for Karaoke  really glad I missed that part.

Managed a quick visit to L'uccello before going to lunch  as I decided not to include a day of shopping this year which was a good thing because I was really tired Saturday, and was happy just to have breakfast then head out to the airport and head home.  

Work finished for me today for the year and I am looking forward to 2 weeks of doing as little as possible... well a little bit of sewing might be done, I have started the small appliqué block and have a few pieced blocks to be made by the end of the month for the BOM.

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Kate said...

Enjoy your time off. Have a very Merry Christmas!