10 December 2015

The School Year is almost over with a sigh

DH and I had a lovely weekend in the city.  We took the opportunity to knock over a large portion of our Christmas shopping as well as going out to dinner to celebrate us.  It was good just to be a couple and do something for us for a change.  DH has suggested that we do it again next year, I think it is a good plan and the hotel was really close to the main shopping strip which was open early on Sunday and we did a bit more shopping after a lovely breakfast at the hotel and before heading home.

My quilt North and South has finally arrived home.  I was getting really anxious about it as the magazine people had held on to it for quite some time and I didn't think it would ever make it home.  They tell me it will be in the Handmade Magazine due to be released this week so have a look (apparently not in this months magazine so when it will be appearing is anybodies guess).  I haven't seen it yet, so if you happen to see it let me know.

Squid wants me to call her Mo from now on which is another one of her many nicknames.  So here is Mo with all her friend ready for Grade 7 Graduation on Monday night.  All the girls looked lovely.  Mo didn't want to wear any makeup apart from a bit of lippy and lipgloss as she was not interested in looking older than she is which is fine by me, she has years to be an adult and this time in their lives is oh so brief.  

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Kate said...

Sounds like an ideal get away. Wow, Mo finished with 7th grade already? It goes so fast it seems.