07 April 2016

Books and Music and a bit of Stitching Thrown In

The borders of Flowers for Alison are slow going, the mojo's a bit out the window at the moment, work is a bit stressful so I'm losing myself in books as I'm not sleeping very well and the kindle is helping my while away the hours.

A few weeks ago I discovered Bookbub.com through Pinterest.  The website lists all free or really cheap books on Amazon, Kibo, Ibooks.  You put in your favourite authors and genre's and every morning you get a listing of books that meet your categories.

Most of the time I look the books up on Goodreads (another good book readers sight) it gives you reviews by other readers, you can list the books you read, be friends with others and then they see what you are reading and if what you think of the books that you have read.  I'm doing the book reading challenge and put down 100 books for the year, and I'm way ahead of the game at the moment, I'm a pretty fast reader and I have a kindle full of books at the moment.    You can also have a too read list so you can put up books you see on the interweb or out and about and list them.  I always forget authors names and book names so it is good to go back and choose some that that you have on your list.

Back to Bookbub some of the free books are a bit crap but they're free so you haven't lost anything, but sometimes you find a gem and you really like an authors style so you don't mind going a purchasing some of their other books.   I've just finished reading Crescent Moon by Lori Handeland (Paranormal) and I really liked it so I'm going to go and download some more of her books.  I like to read series until I don't care for them any more which sometimes happens.  

Recently I have added another couple of bands/boys to my Spotify play list.  Gang of Youths, Matt Corby and Miike Snow. I think this will enable to listen to my playlist but who knows.

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Kate said...

Hope things have evened out at work and that you are sleeping better. I've been reading the Krewe of Hunter series by Heather Graham. Murder mysteries with a physic twist. I like them because the killer isn't obvious after the first 10 pages.