30 June 2016

Celtic Tree of Life

I know I do a lot of the design work on EQ for my quilts, but first I plot a quilt out in my head.  
2016 BOM is still very much in my head and I have changed my mind about a couple of the blocks already a couple  of times.  The first block has been drafted in EQ for quite some time and that was all I had it was going to be a quilt with 9 blocks of equal sizes.  

I do a lot of the brain drafting while driving to work and I came up with the idea of the central block which you might gather from the quilt title is going to be a tree while waiting at the lights.    Then came the idea of celtic knot work for the central blocks on the outside of the quilt I don't know where that came from probably in bed when I wake up at 2am.  Last years BOM was very haphazard probably because that was the way my head was working.  This BOM will be more ordered but no less intricate.  

I have started pulling fabrics see below.  I can't guarantee all of these will be in the quilt but it is a starting point.  I'm really itching to get started.  

The next block for Bee Inspired should be up shortly in fact I should have organised it today but i've been running around.  It will be up by tomorrow.  

Bit of progress this week.  

My travelling companion today.

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Kate said...

You've got lots of fun fabrics in your first draw. Looking forward to seeing the blocks develop.