09 June 2016

New Favourite Author and Flowers for Alison Progress

I've been reading a lot lately and listening to audio books, the audio books mean I can listen and sew at the same time which I love because sometimes I would rather be reading a book than sewing but I do have a deadline.  I am currently listening to the Wall of Winnipeg by Mariana Zapata and a I rereading The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon.

I noticed a review by Penny Reid (another favourite author) on Goodreads a couple of weeks ago and decided to download The Bird and the Sword because of it.  She said it was just so beautifully written and it was a fantasy novel, a genre that I was an avid fan of many years ago.

She was right and a was swallowed up by the story and the characters in it.  It is a story about a girl who is mute who finds great power when she learns how to read, and a King fighting for a kingdom and his soul in a background of  prejudice and of course good against evil.

I have since gone on to read A Different Blue, a contemporary novel about an American Indian Girl who doesn't know her identity abandoned as a two year old and her journey to discover who she is. 

And then Making Faces, which is about love and redemption and seeing beyond the physical to the person within.  All three books have been captivating and beautifully written.  

Progress on Flowers for Alison.  All the outline quilting of the appliqué blocks and borders are done and I have started quilting the background for the appliqué blocks.  I intend to quilt over some of the appliqué as well to give it some texture.  I love the batting I am using and it still has a lot of drape even though the background is heavily quilted.  I am still a bit unsure about how I will quilt the pieced blocks but I did have a thought this morning which I will probably try tonight.  I plan to do freeform feathers round the border.  Hopefully as we are coming into a long weekend I can get a lot done.  

2016 BOM is coming together in my head.  I'm a bit stuck with how to get it into Eq so I may have to free form draw some of the pieces and scan the images in.  It will be quit different from last years the BOM the blocks will be less random and and I am thinking of including some Celtic Knots as well as lot and lots of flowers because I love to appliqué flowers.  I have no clue about the borders as per usual but I am sure I will have inspiration along the way.    If you want to make Flowers for Alison the Blocks can be purchased from my Shop.

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Kate said...

Sounds like you are getting lots done while "reading". I should give that a go.