03 August 2016

Block 1 is coming together nicely

I'm in the final stages of stitching Block 1 of the Celtic Tree of Life.  There was a bit of fussy cutting for the butterfly wings which I'm really loving.   

I haven't been happy with some of the placements of the pieces, throughout and I have found that it is best to continue needle turning the whole templates.  Press the appliqué and then unpick.   This means that you don't need to needle turn the piece again and stops the wear and tear on the edges.  An already turned and pressed piece is supper quick to reposition and stitch.  

The day for release is officially the 15th but it will be the 16th as we are going away that weekend.  

In other news Maestro broke his elbow back in March and he returned to Karate after the Drs gave him the all clear and has been going to a physio every week for about 2 months to get the strength back but he has been complaining that it wasn't getting any better Physio told him to have a break from Karate to see if it improved it didn't.  So physio sent him for X-rays and the news is the break hasn't healed.  We kinda don't know where to go to from here and we are just in holding pattern at the moment.  


Kate said...

Very pretty! Love those butterflies. Sorry to hear that Maestro's elbow has not healed. Hoping you find the right specialist to help him get back to normal.

Sandi said...

It's interesting to see how your design is progressing warts and all. Nice to see and hear how you are progressing and adapting your design. A definite behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing this look.

I hope things improve for your son soon. How disappointing for you all especially him.