16 August 2016

Home Again after a Short Break

We headed to Melbourne on the weekend.  The boys went to an AFL game at the end of the Season apparently the worst game they could have picked for the round oh well.  We did the Victoria Markets and the DFO, checked out Luna Park at St Kilda and some more markets by the seaside there.  Then on Monday we headed to the Aquarium and some more shopping with the boys at the DFO.

On Sunday I needed a bit of a break from all the family togetherness and headed to Making the Australian Quilt Exhibition.  It was interesting to see the different styles on display.   Many of the quilts were very naive, though the crazy patchwork were probably my favourite for the embroidery.  The quilt below was truly amazing and the satin stitch looked like it was done on a machine.

I'd like to thank all the new people who have found my blog and are downloading my new BOM I hope you enjoy.  

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Kate said...

Beautiful vintage quilts. Sounds everyone had a good time.