08 September 2016

Feeling Inspired but don't have the time

I've hit the busiest time of year at the day job.  The last 2 weeks have been UGGH, I'll be doing some work from home today if my internet behaves.  Most of our work is very time specific with deadlines coming up almost everyday and I had to cover for someone who is on leave interstate doing checking off spread sheets and of course the boss had his own deadlines that I had to stop for.  We decided that at least if I stuffed it up completely I won't be asked to do it again.... fingers crossed.

I really want to get out into my sewing room  .... maybe i'll get a chance on the weekend.  Last year I concentrated on Flowers for Alison and really didn't work seriously on any other quilts but I think I might need to branch out this year and work on other designs.  Block 2 of Celtic Tree of Life is finished and I will start on block 3 shortly.  The new pattern will go up on the 15th.

We headed to the Royal Adelaide Show this weekend firstly to check out my quilt and the competition.  We spent far to long in sideshow alley ... I may have had a tantrum  when we were just wandering around aimlessly not making a decision about what rides they were going on.  I really hate the noise and the crowds of people.  As soon as I could escape I went back to the Craft and Handicraft display and looked at the other Exhibits.

I have just picked up my new saddle chair which was purchased at the AMQF and I'm testing it out at the computer desk which is a bit low for it, but that won't be an issue at my sewing table which is higher. Its pretty comfortable to sitting and I can feel that my posture is correct naturally on it fingers crossed it will enable me to work longer at the machine.  

I have been dabbling with Sue Cody's new BOM Gelato Rose which came last week from Material Obsession.  To be honest I sometimes struggle with other peoples instructions sometimes, so I am just going to do it my way.... I can hear my friends say what else is new.  It is supposed to be quilt as you go but I don't think I can be bothered with that after quilting Flowers for Alison I'm up for anything quilting wise on the machine.   Now I'll have 3 other hand sewing projects to do in front of the box at night with Jen Kingwell's Butterfly quilt and this one as well as Celtic Tree of Life.

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Congrats on the ribbon!