22 September 2016

Reading Binge

Been on a bit of a reading binge lately.

Things are a bit stressful on the home front, my MIL dementia has ramped up the last few weeks and my BIL who is her full time carer probably needs more help but will not ask/accept help unless it is forced on him and DH won't push the issue.  They are a very stubborn family.... Work is really busy at the moment as well.  Books have been my escape as well as stitching.     

I have been enjoying Audio books as well and I usually am listening to a different book to the one I am reading at the moment.  I find great to listen to in the car on the way to work and I also listen to them at work when I need to tune out and just do lots of mindless tasks.  I prefer to only get books that I have read and enjoyed and I find take in more of a given book if I listen to it as well.  A lot of books I have on my kindle a reread over and over again they are kinda like old friends that I am happy to stay with for a while.  Yes I am becoming a book nerd or rediscovering my book nerdishness before kids I always had a book in hand.    Probably need to download some classics as well.

One of my favourite authors Penny Reid is releasing a new book in October, to mark the occasion she has one of her PA's making Beard Science (new book) inspired Avatars.   Of course I had to have one... I've changed my Facebook picture for a while.  Penny's books a fun and quirky and the lead main Character in Beard Science is much anticipated by Penny's fans.

Penny's PA is also hosting a read along on Facebook for the 2nd book in her Knitting in the City series "Friends without Benefits".   I joined in their first read along for Neanderthal Seeks Human back in August and it was great fun so I've signed up for the 2nd one.   Its a great excuse to read the book again.

LH Cosway also has a new release coming soon and one of her early books Six of Hearts is available for free on Amazon at the moment.

I couple of months ago a joined a group on Facebook for male romance writers where they interact with their readers.  Men write romance a bit differently to women, and I have been working my way through the authors reading some of their books and discovering who I like and adding to my favourite author list.  A few of the authors are Veterans and their books give insight into the issues these guys face coming back to civilian life.  I prefer my novels to have a decent plot, sometimes humour and hopefully a happy ending but that isn't always necessary.

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Kate said...

Reading is a great escape. With the shoulder injury, that's about all I've been able to do. Hoping your busy schedule abates soon.