29 October 2017

EQ8 and All Things Vegan

Mo and I headed to the city yesterday for the Vegan Festival.  She had spied a flyer at a local cafe months ago and remembered it was on during the weekend.  I wanted to get there early look around before it got to busy, she was keen to have lunch there.

Mo toyed with doing the Vegan thing last Xmas holidays but she just lost too much weight so we ended up making her add meat to her diet to try get her weight back to a healthy range.  She is gradually reducing dependence on meat only eating fish, she still has some diary and eggs and is keeping her weight steady.  It probably helps that due to problems with her knees (to do with a growth spirt) she isn't running as many km as she was and the physio has limited her distance runs and introduced road running to help mix it up.

Mo had a ball checking out all the food, she got a vegan t-shirt and we tasted quite a bit of food both sweets and savoury.  We both had Mac and No Cheese for lunch which was amazing and bought home a couple of sweet potato and lentil pies for lunch today a couple of raw sweets and some yummy baked goods.

Do you EQ?  I decided to update to EQ8 it this week and take advantage of the early special.  I'm really happy with the improvements that I have found so far.  I have started designing my next BOM using the program and I am toying with the idea of a row by row this time round with each alternate row Appliqué.

I have never designed a row by row in Eq7 so I don't know if the same feature were present, but I was amazed at how easy it was to do in EQ8, have different sized rows, add and delete rows.  Insert pieced rows specify size and no of blocks with little effort.  I would have thought I would need to do a custom set but this was all achieved in quilt layout with little fuss.

I can't wait to start appliqué design, there are new shape makers that are going to make designing appliqué easier.  Hoping to get some more time this afternoon to play around.

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Kate said...

Sounds like you and MO had a great time. I upgraded to EQ8 too late last week. I've not played with it much yet. Took me a bit to figure out the new menus. But I need to decide on a RSC project for next month and I've learned to design it first so I have some chance of finishing it off.