10 August 2018

Fun Relaxing Workshop and Row by Row Finish

I haven't done a workshop for a while and a few months ago Hetties advertised Judy Newman so I thought I'd put my name down.  I hadn't done a class with her but my two co-conspirators had and had a couple of her patterns started.  

It was a lovely weekend of looking at quilts and learning tips to do with hand piecing.  Judy is a very easy going relaxed teacher, and I enjoyed the class even though she did insist on stitching a row of my block and choosing some of my fabrics.   I know a lot of students are happy for the teacher to stitch their block but I find it very hard to do that as I find that I learn better by doing.  

I ended up purchasing a few of her templates so that I could start stitching. I think I may do Mayfair first (block above) the blocks are quite large and there are only 16 in the quilt.  Although this block took me the better part of a day to stitch I think the rest won't take nearly as long.  

Yesterday I finished putting together the row by row.  I hope to have the first few patterns loaded by next week if possible.  It has turned out a bit larger than anticipated.  It fits comfortably on a king single with plenty of length to fold over the pillow.  If you don't want the extra length you could always remove 1 of the rows if you want to shorten it, or take out the pieced rows.  Next week I'll get batting and start quilting.

It is going to be wild and woolly this weekend so I am thinking it is going to be perfect weather to start pattern writing.  

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