25 November 2018


This guy graduated high school this week.  We have to wait until December to see how he went.  Though he did get the school award for the UAV project for the year 12 component so I think he did ok.  

None of his friends were going to the formal which was held straight after the ceremony  but we had paid for his ticket and up until the night he wasn't going. I had a feeling he would change his mind which he did.  There were mixed reviews on how the night ended as Adelaide was hit by a terrible storm which left 40% of the city blacked out but he got home safely.

This is the first week he has been home full time and he is already bored, we have shopped for clothes so he can have something other than t-shirts and sports wear to wear out and he has landed a job at a restaurant with a chief he worked with at his current job briefly.

He has only been getting a couple of hours of work a week to the restaurant close to home, this chief has offered him min 15 hours a week which will be good until Uni starts but it means he is going to have to get to know public transport a little better until he gets his licence as it is a 40 min drive from home so we are only able to pick him up at night.

He's caught a couple of concerts over the last few weeks and he is hooked on live music so he is going to be needing the extra money.  Mo's keen to go to see some bands as well as she is listening to more indie music now, so I see a discussion with DH about letter her go with Maestro in the near future.... Lucky Me.

Mo has only 1 more week of school for the year and she has a mountain of home work to get done in that time so I don't expect to see much of her.  I only have 3 more weeks of work, half of one will be spent in Melbourne for training and I have a bucket load of work to be done before then.  Wish me luck.


Kate said...
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Kate said...

Maestro cleans up nicely. Congrats to him on graduating. Sounds like he's got his summer worked out till he heads off to University. Good luck to Mo on her last week of school. The Scientist in Training has been home for the Thanksgiving holiday. She heads back tomorrow, she's got three more weeks before the end of this semester. She's so ready for some down time.