02 November 2018

October was a bit of a Roller Coaster

October proved to be a bit of a roller coaster.  Usually my work starts to slow down but by the last week in October, there was just no tunnel in sight.  

Working this year has been really hard, my workload due to changes in software has pretty much doubled and I was bringing more and more work home and feeling guilty when I didn't.  I have been stressed and my blood pressure increased again and I had to change my meds for the 2nd time in 6 months and I'm back on prescription antacids.  

So I emailed my boss and said I needed help fast or I was getting out permanently.  My boss acted right away and we have put some stuff in place to relieve the pressure.    I'm working to rule (sort of) and we are only doing what we need to do and the boss is taking over some of the things  I do and we plan to outsource some of my work from January.  I'm starting to feel better and the blood pressure is back under control and the boss is going to keep checking up on me this doesn't happen again.  

I've been stitching more and have gone to a couple of Thursday stitching classes at Hetties for a couple of hours or R&R.  My Mayfair blocks have been the main winner.  I have 2 more centres to go for the quilt and then i will be starting on the surrounds.  

I've started adding colour to the quilting of the row by row.  I'm not stressing over getting it finished just doing a couple of hours here and there.

Below is a beautiful pin cushion I purchase from Sally Von Bibra you can check out her wares on instagram.

Maestro has exam's next week... Is he studying... maybe... at least he only has 2.

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Kate said...

Glad your boss stepped in and started making changes. It's miserable when work gets to that point. Hope things continue to improve. Good luck to Maestro on his exams. The SIT is suffering through the last round of tests before finals. Just three weeks till end of the semester for her.