14 September 2020

15 Minute Challenge and Spring has Sprung

 This last week we have seen quite a bit of warm weather.  Mo and I have walked most days down to the beach.  We also went to a market that I can't say I was comfortable going to... too many people in a confined space but Mo wanted to go.  

She wanted to see one particular vendor that she thought would help with her Design Subject at school but they weren't there so I was uncomfortable for no reason.  

We also put a deposit on a potters wheel for Mo.  We wanted to hire one but they are all on loan and in short supply so we bit the bullet.  From what we have been lead to believe the resale value is pretty high so I don't think we will lose money if she loses interest down the track.  At the moment losing interest doesn't seem to be on the cards, she is spending more time at school in her free lessons using the potters wheel there.  It will be a combined Christmas/Birthday present and she is contributing to the cost as well.  

I managed to do a bit of quilting on the weekend (not much) and started a belt for Mo's formal dress, though we did get a silver belt on Ebay it was too big so DH had to alter it and we both are concerned that she isn't going to be able to sit with the belt on as it is a solid piece of metal.  We found a strip of sparkles in the ribbon section of local habby store that has adhesive on the back the width of a belt and I'm going to apply it to some belt fabric.   So I think this will be a more comfortable options.  She has to sit through the Valedictory assembly and then dinner so she doesn't want to be uncomfortable.  

There has been more crochet squares done.  Though I think I need some more yarn but they are out of the cream which I want more of.  Maybe it will be back in stock when I need to do the border.  

I have been working on my cross stitch and am toying with the idea of starting another hand pieced quilt.  

All in all its a been a 7 out of 7 this week. How's your week been.  

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Kate said...

Sounds like another busy week. It doesn't matter the craft/art area, it seems to require a serious outlay of funds to participate. Congrats on all the progress on so many different fronts. Hope you get more spring weather. We've got cooler temps, but it's not really fall here yet, more like late summer at this point.