07 September 2020

15 Minute Challenge and a few starts

I was feeling off most of last week, just upset tummy so I decided to take a course of probiotics and things have started to settle down.  One night I just went to bed and didn't feel like doing anything.  So it was a 6 out of 7 week and no finishes but a couple of starts.  

It is the last week of Pottery Classes for Mo, she is full steam on getting ready to do some more at home and looking into hiring a wheel for a couple of months.  They have also let her use the wheels at school and they have a kiln so she is making a few pots in her free lessons.  She is also working on making her own logo and setting up an etsy shop and a website.   They had another class she wanted to do which thankfully was full by the time she mentioned it.  We could do with a brake from the double trips to the city of an evening once a week.  She wants to do the intermediate pottery class but you have either had to have done 2 beginners courses or had more wheel experience.  She might be able to do it next year if she keeps up at home.  

Maestro has settled into Uni and seems to be keeping up with work/life/school balance.  He is a lot happier than he was last year so the year off has been a good thing even with Covid thrown in.  

So what have I been up to this week.  I started a new crochet project and project 4 from Crewel Goblin's Blackbird Design Project of the month which will be a little button bag.  

Well that's it for the week.  Have you managed to make 15 minutes a day? Head to Kathy's to see how everyone went.  


Jennifer said...

Looks like some fun starts - hope you find the time you'd like for stitching this week!

Kate said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well last week. Hopefully you are fully recovered now. Still a good week, even with the early night you obviously needed. Glad that Uni is going well for Maestro. Sounds like Mo has found a new niche with her art work. Hope things continue to run smoothly (at least smoothly for 2020) for this week. Looking forward to seeing progress on your new projects.