31 August 2020

15 Minute Challenge and a week of finishes

 Well I had a productive week.  Finished a quilt, my cross stitch and the shawl I was working on.  

It was a 7 out 7 again all those finishes kept urging me on.  

I finished stitching the binding at sewing class on Thursday.  

Putting together the huswife was bit challenging but I got there in the end.  I used sawdust to fill the pincushion bit, which meant I had to be a bit creative to keep the sawdust in place as the stitching line didn't go all the way through to the cross stitch layer.  I ended up doing a little blind hem through the cross stitch layer between threads.  

Here is the shawl which is all finished apart from blocking and weaving ends in.  Not sure about the colour still might gift it.  

Mo has just showed us video's of her boyfriends final music pieces for senior year.  They were pretty amazing he is a very talented boy.  She said that everyone kept coming up to her over the last few days  asking her if she had listened to it (she hadn't until this afternoon). 

She is off to pottery again tonight.  They were given a chance to try pottery at school last week in her design class and the teacher was the same as the one from the Jam Factory where she has been going the last 7 weeks.  That teacher then told all her art teachers she's been doing pottery.  Her Art teacher was very impressed and  told her to include what she does in her art portfolio for the year.  

She has started on her final piece.  

How have you been going this week hopefully you have been able to keep up your crafting for the week.  Check Kate's to see how everyone has been going.  

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Kate said...

Congrats on all the finishes! Love that quilt, it turned out beautifully, so did the stitchery piece and the shaw. You had a really productive week. Sounds like Mo's guy is pretty artistic, just for the ears rather than the eyes. Good luck to Mo on her senior project.