03 August 2020

15 Minute Challenge - Juki Fun

This weekend I really spent some quality time with my Juki.  I got on a roll with machine quilting and my liberty quilt is past the half way mark to completion.  I've managed to change bobbins and rethread the machine without problem this weekend so I think I am getting to know the nuances of the machine.  I'm looking forward to move my machine quilting to the next level. As with everything it just takes practice and I am finding I am able to spend more time at the machine quilting because there is so much easier with the space to manoeuvre the quilt and I am more relaxed at the machine and less frustration.  

It was a 7 out of 7 this week and I was able to go to an actual sewing class at my local quilt shop which was so good, however the state government is to announce further restrictions tomorrow as there have been a couple of cases COVID cases recorded which has resulted in a couple of schools being closed.  Hopefully they are just being over cautious at this stage we don't want to be in the state that the eastern states are in.  

My cross stitch is progressing but I may have to unpick a bit as I'm not sure if I have the right side correct.  I may just have to modify the pattern if it isn't right, I'm fast running out of some of the threads and there is still a way to go.  

I couldn't resist some more hat pin's last week and they arrived super fast.  There where 4 I was interested in and the dealer gave me a discount if I took all 4 so of course I did.  Might have to hold back on hat pin purchases for a while until I have made enough pin cushions to display them.  Mo and I went looking at 2nd hand furniture shop, I want a small display cabinet.  We found a beautiful antique desk with attached book case that would have been perfect if I had somewhere to put it.... maybe in my next house.  

So how did you go this week.  Head to Kate's to see how the gang went.  

 Catch you next week.  

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Kate said...

Very pretty pins! Sounds like you made a great investment in the new machine and it's definitely paying off. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.