27 July 2020

15 Minute Challenge, Beautiful weather but we probably could do with some more rain

I've been doing my best get as much winter sun as I can lately.  The weather has been warmish and there has been lots of sunshine, but we woke up to drizzle this morning which has all but disappeared this afternoon and the skies are blue again, but we need more rain.  

Mo survived pottery class last week and we will heading off again in a couple of hours.  The place is in a bit of dodgy part of town especially at night, so DH is going to meet us in the city and stay with her until she goes in just in case I can't get a park close by.  

One of Mo's teachers told her today that she should consider Graphic Design and the teacher  would be quite happy to help her get together a portfolio, however Mo has her heart set on a particular uni course on Illustration and Animation she really hasn't looked at anything else.  As much as she has excelled at Graphics Design at high school it doesn't hold enough art component for her so she isn't really interested in it as a career.  

Maestro starts Uni this week but he only has a couple of contact hours, it truly starts next week and most of it is online.  He seems to be taking things seriously has got all his notebooks together ready to start.  Keeps knocking back offers to play video games, as he doesn't want to get addicted to playing so he can concentrate on Uni.  Not that he slacked off last time he did lots of work and got good grades in all his subjects he just hated the Teaching course.  Fingers crossed this is a good path for him.

On the sewing front, I did some more quilting on my Liberty quilt.  I toyed with the idea of doing some filler stitches in the plain squares but Mo poo poo'd it, she said it didn't need any more stitching in the blank squares.  I wasn't happy with my play piece so at least it will keep the quilt soft and light so that's fine.  

I purchased some Wonderfil Konfetti thread for another quilt.  I was going to go with aurifil, but there was a long wait on a cone of the colour I wanted to come from Italy and the thread is pretty expensive anyway and need 2 or 3 of the large spools ($20 each) and a cone is 3 times that,  so I have decided to give the Wonderfil a go and see if I like it enough to switch. I'm already using it for Wonderfil Efina  for appliqué and hand piecing and I love it.   So I got myself a colour card in anticipation that its a done deal when I ordered the thread.  

I've done some more cross stitch, I think I am going to end up running out of a couple of colours, but I have cosmo replacements that I can use further down the piece.  I had to use them for one or 2 colours in the previous drum pincushion and they are a good substitute they are just not variegated.  Some of the colours I have double the amount I need from the previous projects. I'm sure if I swap some of the colours nobody is going to know.  

It was a 7 out of 7 week for me, how did you go.  


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Kate said...

Sounds like everyone is settling into a new school year. The SIT finishes summer classes this Friday. Then she has a couple of weeks before Fall semester starts up. Your practice quilting looks pretty good. Hope the new thread works out. I'm learning to order things much earlier now, it can take a while to get many things these days.