20 July 2020

15 Minute Challenge - Back to School

Don't think Mo was too keen to be back at school today, she was a tad grumpy this morning and wasn't much better when I picked her up.  She is starting a pottery class tonight, going to adult learning venue that may be the cause of the anxiousness but who knows it may just be back to schoolitis.  

Maestro has told work to pump up the shifts this week as he starts Uni the following week so we probably won't see him much before Monday he has decided to not work the first week of Uni we will see if that actually eventuates.  He ended up having 3 days off this last week which hasn't happened in a month or so he has been easier to live with and less tired.  His work is making them all work for the Job Keeper payment but most weeks he is working well over which is good for the bank account not so much for him physically.  

Stitching wise on the weekend I bit the bullet and decided to start quilting a quilt on the Juki.  Didn't get an awful lot done but I'm happy with the big working space and manoeuvrability of the quilt top.  Was going to work with rulers but I just got too stressed about it and decided to change feet and just do freemotion.  I'll get to the ruler work on bigger projects soon but not just yet.  

Was looking at a youtube video of Angela Walters and she had 3 fingered quilting gloves on.  I want them, looks like they are only available on her site and with the whole Covid thing happening I'm thinking it will be Xmas before I get them and a gazillion dollars to ship 😔 so going to wait until they available here and put up with my old gloves.  

I have finished Project 2 for Blackbird Designs Club.  Here is the piece before it was made into the drum pin cushion and the finished product below.  I think my vintage Hat pins look lovely on display.  


This is the start of project 3.  I'm waiting for arrival of Project 4 in the post, which I think may be delayed with all the border closures happening again.  

It was a 7 out of 7 week for me.  How did you go.  

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Kate said...

Hopefully Mo gotten in the groove with school. How fun that you got to play with the Juki, looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. I've never seen a pincushion made that way. What a great way to enjoy a finished project. The hat pins do look pretty fabulous displayed that way. Hope this week is even better on the stitching front.