06 July 2020

15 Minute Challenge - School Holidays and Formal Planning

This week hasn't been so good on stitching front it was only a 4 out of 7 week.  I think I've just been a bit tired.  

Maestro went out to a party on Saturday night (we have lifted restrictions that far). The plan was that he would spend the night at a mates place as the party was way over the other side of town.  We got a phone call at 12.30 can you pick me up.... he had over done it.  So hubby went up to pick up the mess and then I didn't go back to sleep until they got back a couple of hours later.  I kept looking at the stitching last night then ended up going to sleep siting up in the chair trying to watch a movie.  

I did tidy my sewing room yesterday which I probably could have counted.  I've ordered a new sewing machine and I'm hoping to pick it up on Thursday fingers crossed that it arrives on time for my day off.  Mo and I are also going to start formal dress hunting after we pick up my machine.  

I might need a stiff drink after that as Mo doesn't cope well with shop assistants when shopping and those kind of shops I know they are going to be all over us.  I have warned her that it is going to be like that, in fact it woke me up the other day from a dead sleep when I realised that it probably was going to be an issue.  She expects to find a dress this school holidays I expect meltdowns and me having to make the dress.  I can't tell you how many times we have left a shop because a shop assistant has tried to assist.  

I haven't got very far with my cross stitch this week there is lots of details that needs to be filled and I have run out of one of the threads, I would have thought with all the threads I have I would have had the one that would match but I couldn't find one.  I'm going to unpick the top row fo the pot as the one I thought would match just stands out too much.  

So how did your week go. Hopefully it was better than mine on the stitching front.  

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Kate said...

Love the stitching you've got going. At least Maestro feels safe in calling home and doesn't do something unwise. Hopefully Mo can find a way to enjoy the formal shopping. I lucked out with the SIT's formals. One year she went to a used formal sale with a friend and found a very inexpensive, but pretty dress. I told her that she could do what she wanted for her senior formal, but she found a another used dress in a consignment shop.