29 June 2020

15 Minute Challenge and the Winter Sun has come out to play

After a couple of weeks of rain, rain and more rain we have had 5 days straight of beautiful sunny weather.  The house is freezing so I have spent as much time as possible sitting in the garden. 

It was a 6 out of 7 week this week.  One night Maestro took over the TV with his Dad to watch stuff I just couldn't stay interested in so I went to bed and read. It was the one night he had off for the whole week, he's doing another 7 day week this week with mostly double shifts so he will be a wreck by the end of the week.  I know he's loving the money but the 40 minute drive home late at night after working 12 hours is a big concern.  He wants to work as much as he can before Uni starts again.  

I got a delivery today of antique hat pins.  I'm collecting them for my Blackbird Design X stitch projects.  They are so pretty.


I did a fair bit of stitching non the less this week even though I missed out on one day.  I finished the project I was working on for my friend and found a ready made frame to fit.  It is all ready for when we can meet up again hopefully soon.  We are going to wait until they let you stay longer at restaurants.  

Below is my next project from Crewel Goblins Project of the Month it is a drum pincushion called In My Garden so I thought stitching it in my garden was pretty apt.  I found a nice plant stand online for my cyclamen collection where I had them on an old outdoor setting that my husband made in highschool and he was getting antsy about the fact that it might  rot with the pots on it.  So I moved them then Mo went on  a succulent planting spree and fill the table up again.  

Hubby is talking about putting in a shade house up the back which will mean no tomatoes next year. I'd wish he would get rid of the old swing seat that he did a running repair using a noodle and a rough awful plank of wood.  He is the only one that will still sit on it.  Next hard rubbish collection I might get Maestro to help me dump it.   I think I might save up for a nice outdoor setting, even the current swing seat is starting to look a bit ragged. 

Howd your week go.  

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Kate said...

Sounds like you had a really good week of stitching and progress. Glad you got to hear you got sunshine for a change. We've had overcast skies, but that's good, it's not so hot then. Love the hat pins. Hope you have a good week on all fronts.