22 June 2020

15 Minute Challenge - More Rain

More rain this week, we had one day of sunshine which was luckily my non work day so I washed all day.  Maestro worked all week but got the weekend off, but it has meant that we had to wash his work gear every day.  Getting it dry has been an issue we have clothes airers up full time at the moment.  We move it in front of the heater outlets.

Mo and the beau headed out for a walk on Saturday and 10 minutes later we were hit by a huge deluge. Luckily they were able to take refuge at the local train station and I was able to rescue the 2 drowned rats.

We have been removing filing cabinets from our office, 2 really big cabinets came out during the week and it has made the office so much more spacious.  I'm going to be clearing out more files to storage over the next few weeks and making the office a bit more easy on the eye.  Plants are going to be purchased, hopefully we won't kill them, but I think I have worked out at home the type of plants that don't die too quickly. 

So on to the sewing week.  It was 7 out of 7 and I have nearly finished the centre of the appliqué whole-cloth.  Just 2 flowers to go.  

I received today  he next project from Crewel Goblin.  I am one project behind  but I will be back to cross stitch this week once the 2 flowers above are finished.  I still have that gift that has to be completed also that is first priority.   I also got some delivery of saw dust to use as filler in Project 2.  The parcels are beautifully packaged they are like a gift every month.  I also got some other pieces of linen for a couple of other projects that I want to start sometime soon.  I think I really need to sprout another set of hands to get everything done.  

So how did your week go.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going.  

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Kate said...

The weather sounds miserable. We've had a few summer scorchers, but it's cooled off this week. The linen applique project is moving long and looks terrific. Hope this week is as productive in the sewing room and with the office clean up.