10 August 2020

15 Minutes - Scary times again

My companies head office is in Melbourne and they were placed in 6 weeks of lockdown last week trying to stem the increase in numbers of Covid.  We have had a small cluster happen here and 2 schools have been closed, about 1000 pupils told to isolate and another 90 sent to hotel quarantine.  One of Mo's friends is in home isolation as she does Specialist Maths at one of the schools.  All this because one idiot came home from Victoria decided it was a good idea to isolate for a couple of days in a hotel and not tell anyone he was doing so and the cleaner picked up the virus. 

It was a 6 out of 7 week for me.  

There has been a bit of progress on the cross stitch, getting there my sinuses have been playing up meaning it is hard to wear glasses for too long.  

I started cutting out a new quilt.  I delved deep into the stash for this one, pulled out fabrics that are probably 15 years old.  It has lots of florals, I did get purchase some to start me off but 2/3rds will be from the stash.  I might make it big enough to fit on my bed.  

Mo had to make a instructional video for english, it was to replace another assignment that couldn't be completed due to Covid restrictions.  She made a cake and the instructions were how to ice it. Here's the finished product.   Its super sweet I have only managed a mouthful or two, DH was able to eat half a slice.  Mo took some to school to share, hopefully she will take some everyday to get rid of it.  

Well that's it for me this week.  Mo's off to pottery class soon.  

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Kate said...

It's amazing how one person's actions can affect so many, but that's really true with this virus. Hopefully all those actions will nip any spread in the bud. Love your cross stitch project, very pretty. Hope you sinuses get better soon because that's just miserable when they keep you from doing something you like. Mo's cake is pretty impressive! Hopefully she tempted a lot of her classmates so it's not tempting anyone at home.