24 August 2020

15 Minute Challenge - close to finishing

 My hubby has started working from home again... don't really know why think it may be a state government directive because of the outbreak a couple of weeks ago.  I ended up working while listening to an audio book I have a set of head phones that are close to noise cancelling so it was ok.  

The liberty binding arrived in time for the weekend so I was able to attach the binding to my liberty quilt.  The cross stitch is close to being finished and I'm half way through the shawl that I started last week.  I also got the wool for another project to crochet.  I'm also quilting the next quilt on the list.  

Mo and I did some shopping this week for formal shoes.  She ended up finding the perfect flat sandals with silver/gold and navy crystals on them.  I then did a search for the silver belt she wants after asking every shop at Habour Town if they had belts to no avail and we had previously searched when we bought the dress and there wasn't one to be found.

Must be the change in season and its the next big thing because the internet search this time came up with lots of choices and ended up getting it on ebay with only a week til delivery.  The only problem was  once I purchased the vendor turned out to be Chinese so I'm betting its coming from China.  I've been duped before they say they live in Australia but the goods come from China.  If it is the case this time I'm going to report it because I'm a bit sick of it happening when I deliberately choose an Australian vendor.  

Now I'm going to be pestered to make the appointment to get the hem altered.  

So how did your week pan out mine was a 7 out of 7.  Go check Kate's to see how everyone went this week.  

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Kate said...

Wow, you got lots done this last week. I've heard a bit about the surges in cases in Australia on our local news. I seem to remember hearing something about the shut down of public transport or increased restrictions, something along those lines. Are you still going into the office on a limited basis?