14 February 2022

15 minute challenge & lots of crochet this week

 It was my birthday on Saturday, we made a last minute decision to head to a pub for lunch.  We went to the Largs Pier Hotel, which we have eaten at before during the week but the restaurant was open on the weekend so we snuck in there.  The meal was wonderful and their was service was great.   Mo and I couldn't finish out serves.  I love the look of the hotel, I was trying to talk the hubby into maybe staying a night there for an occasion.  The restaurant had a view of the ocean that you don't get when you are eating in the bar section of the bar.  We were going to get ice cream at the pier but there was a big line up so we just walked back to the car along the foreshore.  There were lots of couples just sitting on the grass in the shade of the Norfolk Pines and I said to him we should do a picnic down here some time.  

Lots of crochet this week, not much embroidery. It was a 7 out of 7 week for creativity this week though.    I have finished all the flower centres for Asterles and now I just have to square all the blocks up and hope I have enough yarn to put a small border round the finished squares.  The 2nd picture is the yarn i picked up for my Sophies' Universe blanket.  I was going to do it in 8 ply but couldn't get the right colours in the yarn at the shop so settled for 4ply (hopefully I won't regret it).

Mo has put in a few pieces into be fired, one is a commissioned piece and I have asked her to finish one of her mugs off for a gift. She painted a small watercolour on some board that she bought back from Japan a few years ago with the gold edge I thought she had purchased the painting,  I should have known better.  She has kept up the tradition of making me a card and she always puts my age on it, I told her she doesn't need to do it any more (pretty sure I told her that last year as well).  

Head to Kate's to see what everyone is up to.  


loulee said...

Your crochet pieces are very pretty.
Your new project will have pretty colours. Good luck with the 4 ply, not my thing, I much prefer 8ply/DK.

Kate said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a good time with it. That card from Mo is gorgeous! She does such pretty work. The crochet pieces are so bright and fun. Hope you get lots of time to play with yarn, thread, fabric this week.

Unknown said...

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