22 May 2007

The End is in Sight

Tomorrow I am going to be ordering our new floor coverings. We have been doing some renovations over the last few months. We knocked out a wall in our lounge/dine to make one large room. Unfortunately the wall happened to also be the main support for the roof, so we had a bit of a setback there and a bit more expense. Then came Christmas and the builder didn't have time to do the new sliding door so I decided that I wasn't going to start painting until that was done and all the dust had settled and of course the painting took longer than anticipated and there are still a few spots that need finishing (I work better when I have a deadline and the carpet installation will give me that)

In the mean time we had ducted gas heating put in.....why did we not do that earlier. Within 10 minutes the whole house is toasty warm going to be loving that over winter.

So within the next month it should all be finished and I can bring all my new furniture in out of the garage.

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