16 May 2007

Quilting Time

I finally got some free time to do some more quilting on this quilt that I have been working on for probably 12 months. I remembered that I was doing the needle turn applique last winter and have been quilting it since January doing a little bit at a time. All the circles have a trapunto motif in the centre and the borders have a trapunto'd continuous design, so really it has been quilted twice. I have one more border motif to quilt and then just stipple the gap between the motif and the body of the quilt and it is all finished.
The white thread on the black square is water soluable and holds the trapunto batting in place until the quilt is quilted then it will be washed to remove it. I have been using a couple of different threads in this quilts with mixed results. I think I should have used a black backing instead of lime green and I might not of had the problem with the thread showing on the top side. But I did get that fixed by the time I got to the black fill background. I think next trapunto I try will be a wholecloth but it has been a good learning curve with this project.

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