29 May 2007

Floor Stage One

It has been a wild and woolly day here in Adelaide, especially by the beach, lots of sideways rain and blowing a gale.
Today my passageway got its lovely floor covering, here is the picture, carpet goes in tomorrow so I am hoping that the storm passes by then. Luckily the guy had finished by the time the rain came down.
I knew that as soon as my husband saw it he was going to say that we should have done the lounge dining room with it and he was in the house ten minutes and the words were said.
You can just make out my linen press minus doors which will be my task on the weekend to paint... yuck starting to get sick of the a painting at least they are just flat it was worse painting around all the woodwork. Can't wait to get my hall table in place and picture on the wall and entrance way is finished.

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