12 August 2008

I'm Avoiding again

Ok Ok its Tuesday and I am avoiding the housework again lol. Just a quick note then I had better get back to the cleaning. Got my hands on the latest Janet Evanovich novel Fearless Fourteen, not reading it very quickly like I usually do because I have been a bit tired the last few days and keep falling asleep (not that I am saying the book is no good it is fabulous and full of laughs as usual) I am putting it down to the fact that everyone in the house except me has got a bug and my immune system is working overtime so I don't get it.

Painted my winged ornies last night and they have come out too dark so am off to the shop on Thursday for different colour and I am just about out of the colour I need for the Halloween ones and some of them are looking a bit wishy washy so a trip to Spotlight is needed.

Did some blog surfing on the weekend and ended up on Heather Baileys blog which led me to a machine quilter Vivian Love and she has a 3 part on how she quilted one of Heather's quilt which is absolutely amazing. Check out the strawberry pin cushions, had to get me some of those so I ordered the pattern from Heather's shop you could also order kits but I was very good and didn't lol.

Here is the birthday swap item that I made for Mon from the P4P group I gave a sneak peak a couple of weeks ago but now I can do the whole reveal. Posties just come with the latest Quilting Arts Mag (just done the kitchen floor better start the ironing before I sit down with that maybe over lunch).

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Lorraine said...

thanks for that - I have also ordered the pincushion pattern...I thought about the kits but like you resisted...! keep warm!!