02 August 2008


I have a mountain of housework to do and yesterday was my first day home for nearly 2 weeks so of course I went shopping. Well I just had to buy some new work pants because, my usuals were in the wash (which I hadn't done) and then when I went back to some of my old faithfuls they looked like a bag on me, so Thursday went to work in jeans. Picked up a couple of shirts for work they were 2 for $15 (original price $50). A pair of grey pants (half price) and black ones (full price). Also saw this little bag by Nica, couldn't justify some of the bigger bags as I bought a Nica bag for my birthday in February and I love it, this one is just a tiny one to hold keys and phone and not much else but will be great for school drop offs when I don't need to take the whole rig so that came home with me. Might end up going back for one of the others though they are just soooooo yummy.

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Lorraine said...

well what else is a girl to do when she hasn't been home for two weeks and there is a mountain of housework to do......!! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.....sounds like a very successful shopping spree too....Sue tells me she is working on her vines quilt....could it be that she will finish it???????