18 January 2009

Loxton Weekend and more Lance spotting

The last couple of days have seen an enormous amount of email traffic.  First was from Granny Loz to say "Have I heard that Natalie Ross and Anni Downs were teaching at Loxton in July" to which I replied "No" So quick email to Tricia to confirm details.  We then went out for the afternoon and my husband tells me over coffee 3 hours later "oh someone rang for you said something about Loxton".....grrrr.  

Got home at 6pm and left a message on Almond Grove's answering machine "Me Too Me Too + Sue as well".  So then came the great accommodation hunt which meant more emails and we thought we might try the Motel this ye
ar and then we got a offer from Julie to stay with her at at a B&B with her so all is planned and the excitement is building for our little trip in July once again.

Took some photo's the other morning of the bikes on my morning walk it was Sunday.  Here are the not so serious bike riders, ride to the cafe and sit and drink coffee in regulation Lycra of course.  The bikes are all leaning on the construction fencing (council picked the peak season for the beach cafe to do up the square at the Grange Jetty typical).  

Here are the guy's that are a bit more serious about it but there still not the real deal I wouldn't of had time to get the shot when the real once cycle by.

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Leanne said...

Urr Lyca is all I can say. I am having a lot of trouble getting in touch with Trish will try again tomorrow.