14 January 2009

Lance Spotting

Adelaide is in the grip of Tour Down Under fever.  Which means everyone in Adelaide is Lance Armstrong spotting or are Lance wannabe or a race expert.  Which also means that every man or a few women are riding around in their lycra (I wish somebody would explain to some of these people that some bodies were not meant to be squeezed into lycra NOT a good look).  This also means that my morning walks have become a little bit dangerous especially when you come up against the real thing because they ride in packs and are on top of you before you know it.  Close attention must be paid to crossing the street ... so no rolling out of bed and walking down the street like a zombie.

Must say though today the walk was much more pleasant, lovely cool sea breeze instead of the hot northerly that greeted me yesterday.


Leanne said...

Ha Ha.....I will get Lucas to read that. He is so over packs of cyclists what is it with this time of year people who haven't ridden there bike since this time last year are out wobbling all over the road. Yes and I am with you on the lycra. Oh and the Lance thing anybody would think we have never seen an international sports person before....he must think we are all bonkers.

Leanne said...

I got Tony to read your post just now and he has just come in to tell me on sky news they said " Lances visit is like the 2nd coming of Christ" !!!!!!!!! obviously not a lot happens in SA.