21 January 2009

They Sold My House

Only joking.  Here are the Terrace Houses that overlook the beach.  This marks the halfway mark of my walk and I must say that I am fascinated by these houses and always wonder what they look like inside and what type of people live in them, .  I am sure they are wonderful with high ceilings with ornate plaster and cornice work.  The house at the very edge of the Terrace houses (a single storey) has been up for sale for a few weeks.  You can just see the red sign out the front..well this morning there was a big sold sticker on the sign.  If only I had a lazy 1-2M I would have bought that house.  The picture in the real estate section is the view from their front veranda and it was just one of the sea on a lovely sunny day it looked like you were on holiday all year round.

The first photo shows the lovely ironwork that is on each story of the Terrace Houses, would make a great quilt pattern.  Lots have patterned tiles on the floor of their front verandas more quilt patterns.

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