12 January 2009

Missed Photo Opportunity

I have been taking the opportunity since my husband is on leave at the moment to go for a walk every morning.  He normally leaves for work at 7am so that means I have to get out of bed at 6am to get back in time which really hasn't been very motivating so I was determined that while he was home for six weeks I would get in the swing.  I am proud to say that since Christmas I have been getting up and going for a walk before I start the day.  The good thing is I can sleep in if I want (not on a workday though) and still manage the walk.  

I live about 1.5km from the beach so it is a nice walk through shady streets to the sea shore I turn down a couple of streets back from the beach and come up to a part that has some fabulous terrace houses and then to the local pub and cafe and then back down the main street of Grange back home.  About the last week I have been umming and arrring about taking the camera but it has been pretty choppy and windy but today it looked pretty good, maybe tomorrow if it is still will be a good day.  We are expecting 41C our first really really hot one so I had better go early.

There have been lots of shark sightings around our beach so when the kids have ventured down they are only paddling in the shadows but why would you go to the beach when you have this in the backyard.
 Over the years we have had heaps of problems with our pool every spring we would open up the pool to green yuck.  In the middle of summer last year after struggling to get the pool clean for swimming and pouring heaps of chemicals and money into it we bit the bullet when the pump gave up and replaced everything (filter and pump) and converted the pool to salt.  If only we had known.  Have a look at this water it looks like silk and it is wonderful to swim in you don't come out feeling like you are coated in chemicals.  The new filter doesn't need backwashing so we are a ton of water and all we did this year was to put the creepy crawly on and it looked like this.  Even though summer really hasn't hit us yet we have had heaps of swimming.


Sheryl said...

Where you walk sounds magical, my walks aren't quite as picturesq, but still enjoyable. Your pool looks inviting, I bet your children love it, we had a pool when our kids were young but figured we don't really get enough hot weather here so now we have a spa which is just nice.

Leanne said...

Well done on the waling ...once my work move is over I am back to working each morning. Lucas was at the beach this afternoon and they had to get out the water.