20 March 2009

Footy Fever Starting to Heat Up

Woke up feeling a bit unwell on Wednesday went to work thinking it would pass it didn't so ended up home and putting myself to bed sleep it off, got my husband to come home and pick the kids up from school.    Yesterday I just pottered around doing a bit of sewing and cutting out quilt blocks using a Moda Turnover by 3 Sisters Aviary.   The design I got from the Moda Bake Shop. Might try and sew some blocks tonight after the kids go to bed. 

The AFL season starts next week and footy fever has hit the household... with one member at least.

All last year my son went on and on how he was going to play footy this year and when time came this week to sign up he decided that he didn't want to. We couldn't get to the bottom of it but convinced him to go to the sign up and talk to the coach and at least try training this term and talk to the boys in who are going to be playing. Yesterday he decided he was going to play because the 2 best players were just playing for the school and not district clubs which I think is what he wanted to do but there was no way we were going to sign him up at a district club without him having a go at school level first. Mind you through all this indecision every spare moment he has been playing with the football and getting Dad to take him out on the reserve for a kick. 

We got him membership at Footy Park this year because he went with MIL to just about all the Crows home games last year and membership worked out cheaper than buying the tickets each game. As they didn't do to well last year there was no waiting list so there was no problem getting one.
What I did want to show you was the T-shirt a did up for my daughter yesterday for Harmony Day today. They are supposed to wear Orange for Harmony Day and my daughters wardrobe has no Orange in it. So I found an old white t-shirt and added some flowers. I was instructed to take some action shots so here they are. We ran into an injury at the end though so I never did get a good shot oh well they tell you to never work with kids.


Lorraine said...

Oh dear!! nice T-shirt...I hope the injury wasn't too bad! Good luck witht he footy.....I hope your son enjoys himself - I remember well the early starts for games when Mark was young....well younger...he still isn't old!! LOL...as he got older the games got later.....! He is playing in another league this year which travels much further away to play so probably won't see him play much this year...He loves his footy and he won't admit it to anyone but did two years of ballet when his sister started lessons...and then she played footy for a couple of years....he was only five when he did ballet....I think it was excellent for his balance and coordination...and it was his idea - although he disputes that now! LOL....

Sue said...

Oh Yes .... its football season ... cant you hear Ray yelling already .... CARN THE CROWS!!!!!! This will test the one car situation to the fullest. Hope missy is OK ... footy its such a tough game. Erin played in a girls competion in year 6 & 7 and both years they won the finals and played at footy park ... Ray was soo proud!!!!!!