01 March 2009

Over the Worst

Well at least I am hoping that we are.  My son's tonsil's came out on Friday afternoon, he was looking forward to the ice-cream and jelly now we can't get him to eat anything and today he won't drink much so we might be in some trouble if things don't pick up tomorrow.  His specialist said not to worry about the food as long as we can keep fluids into him.  The dr also told us that there was a lot of scare tissue due to the number of infections he has had so that he will be in a lot of pain due to the amount of tissue that they had to remove.  

The last couple of days have been pretty rough on the little guy, hopefully he will start to feel a bit better tomorrow and  get some food into him.  I guess the upside is that I am getting some sewing done and I am sure that will continue tomorrow I got a pile of dvd's from the video store today so I am sure a large part of tomorrow will involve sitting on the lounge watching pokemon movies. 

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Sue said...

Hope things improve today and he is eating up a storm. Enjoy the movies and some stitching.
Cheers S