24 March 2009

Rewarded Myself

Had a visit to the city this morning to take the kids to the Dentist. Had enough time before the appointment to wander into Borders and got the latest Somerset Studio and Belle Armoire Jewellery.  Which was a good thing because I needed a reward as the pair decided to make a scene in the waiting room (mind you they couldn't do it when we were the only ones in the waiting room they had to do it when 5 other patients walked in).  Luckily we were called in just as I was telling my son through gritted teeth to sit down and be quiet.  

Got the kids safely off to school by recess and then I made sure that I finished the ironing before I had another look through my mags. Ohhhhh Somerset Publications are just the best...just wish they didn't cost the price of a book but they are just so worth it....just have to hide the receipts (what else is new).  

Also worked on a couple of ATC's.  Note to self.. must look into Bees Wax, melting pot  and a waterproof fine black pen.  If anyone knows of an Adelaide source for wax etc let me know.

Finished the afternoon off by booking into Jewellery making Class at WEA which starts in June.  This class is different from beading class and it is making bangles, rings and other things out of silver.

I haven't forgotten my next give away but the deadline for our swap has been delayed a little, but it won't be long before I am able to reveal the giveaway should be before Easter.


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