13 August 2009

Planning on a big Sewing Day

I am planning on some sewing today. On Tuesday before rushing off to sewing I put in an order from Sarah for these lovely fabrics for a couple of outfits for my daughter and of course they were on my doorstep when I got home yesterday all ready for my sewing day. The fabrics are by Patty Young and she also designed the fabric range. Hopefully I will have some show and tell by the end of the weekend.

Yesterday I also signed up for the Thimblelady's Applique Class when she comes to Adelaide in November for the Craft and Quilt Show.


Leanne said...

Cute fabric will talk to you on Monday about the applique class.

Plum Creek Market said...

Hey Amanda, how did your big sewing day go, did you get much done? I need to get motivated again, haven't done much lately. Take care.

Kerryt xxx

Sue said...

Hope the sewing day went well and you got lots done. Not much happening here .... Im still sick but hopefully on the mend.
Cheers S