11 November 2009

Are you Hot enough Yet?

Yesterday was my class with the Thimblelady. It was held in one of the lecture rooms in the Mortlock Wing of the state library which was absolutely spectacular and surprisingly a great location for stitching though the lighting might have been a bit better. (See much better photo's on Leanne's blog). The class was needle turn applique.

I have to admit I struggled with the first half of the class I just could cope with her small needles. I like to use the Bohin long applique needles but I was trying to do it the Thimblelady way so thought I had better use her equipment but my nails just kept getting in the way. I was much happier with my results in the afternoon when I threw away the tiny needles and grabbed my crowbars.

I did enjoy the class, I thought Luixin was going to be more rigid in her teaching than she was and I was quite happy with how relaxed the class actually was. Applique is one of those amazing skills that there are hundred
s of ways to do it. And I will take what I learned yesterday and add it to my skill and use those bits that I am comfortable with and not use those bits that are far to fiddly for my tastes. I don't strive for perfection and probably will never enter a quilt competition I am really glad I took a class with the Applique GURU.

For all you northerners the reference in the title is that we are in Day 4 of a heat wave today promises to be 39C again. I have had enough.

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Leanne said...

It was a good day and like you learn some things and will most probably never make a Baltimore quilt and enter it in a competition.