25 November 2009

Christmas Birthday's and all the Planning

My daughter's birthday is the first week back at school so all the preparation for the Birthday Party has to happen now. A week ago she came to a decision about what she wanted and I booked a Mermaid and Pirate party at a this place. They use to just come to your house and bring there dressups and games and entertain the kids for a couple of hours but now they have a venue so you can go there and they clean up the mess. So the party is all booked just have to send out the invites before the end of school.

My daughter has been wanting a toy sewing machine since her last birthday, of course she found one a couple of weeks after her last birthday and I have been promising her that she could have it. But a search on the internet has failed to find one as well as every likely shop at Westfield on the weekend. But searching on the internet I discovered this. Which is a mini real sewing machine by Janome and they only cost a little bit more than the toy ones that I saw last year. I am off to the local Janome centre this week to check it out. According to the sales lady they have sold heaps for little girls and they love it. I am a little concerned about fingers and needles but the lady suggested a walking foot option to keep fingers away.


Leanne said...

A walking foot Oh my God she will be making quilts before we know it if she is anything like you LOL.

Sarah said...

For what it's worth I think toy machines are more trouble than they are worth. They only do chain stitch as far as I know. Rachel has been using my machine since she was 4. So I'd say go the real machine.

Lorraine said...

I agree with Sarah....go for a real machine that she will be able to use for ages...the toy ones are just that...toys....she will be whipping up her own clothes and quilts in no time....watch the stash!!!